Break It Down:

Break It Down: "I See Gold" Learning Tracks

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Want to sing I See Gold by the Good Lovelies with your choir, band, or on your own? We have put together audio learning tracks just for you! 

Choose the license from the drop-down menu that best represents your needs, and get downloadable tracks and charts to help you learn. 

This digital package includes:
1 Soprano/High Learning Track
1 Soprano 2/Middle Learning Track
1 Alto/Low Learning Track
1 Instrumental Track
A Chord Chart
A Lyric Sheet
A Copy of Good Lovelies’ studio recording of I See Gold

Use of the instrumental track for public performance, is permitted with each license.

Each license grants the purchaser permission to share the included materials with the number of members in a group chosen. In order to share with additional members, a license renewal is required, and renewals are purchased at a reduced rate. For license renewal, please contact

I See Gold was written by Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough, Susan Passmore & Robyn Dell’Unto, and produced by Daniel Ledwell at Lake Echo

Vocals on Learning Tracks performed & recorded by Melissa Lauren

C & P 2021 Good Lovelies  

Unauthorized reproduction, copying and rental of these recordings is prohibited by law.